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Lynden Investment Group Pty Ltd, under the esteemed directorship of Denis and Linda Mackenzie, has consistently demonstrated its prominence as a family investment company since its establishment in 1996. The company has notably cultivated a substantial presence in the Darwin/Brisbane Area, Australia, exhibiting a tenure of 26 years characterized by unwavering commitment to excellence. Lynden Investment Group has strategically focused on Property Development and Property Investments, operating across discerning locations such as Brisbane QLD, Darwin NT, and Queenstown NZ.

Preceding his leadership role at Lynden Investment Group, Denis Mackenzie trial held a distinguished executive position at Macquarie Group for a duration of three years, spanning from 1993 to 1996. His invaluable contributions during this period significantly enriched the financial landscape. Prior to his tenure at Macquarie Group, Mr. Mackenzie engaged in corporate advisory consulting with Coopers & Lybrand from 1991 to 1993, amassing two years of comprehensive experience in this esteemed realm. This formative period in corporate advisory consulting laid a robust foundation for his subsequent directorship at Lynden Investment Group Pty Ltd, underscoring his astute leadership and strategic acumen.

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Location: Central New Brunswick
Land Area: 28.74 square km

Altitude: 100 feet, 30 meters above MSL

46 degrees 33′ 50″ N – 66 degrees 06′ 55″ W

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard / Daylight

Climate: Continental / Maritime

Average Annual Rainfall: 812mm, 32 inches

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Denis Mackenzie grew up in the Village of Doaktown which has a population of approximately 1000 people within the village limits but draws on the many communities surrounding it for sharing resources, jobs and economic development in the area. This results in a population base of around 5 or 6,000 people. The surrounding communities such as Storeytown, Ludlow, McNamee, Boiestown, Blissfield and even Upper Blackville contribute to our work force.

The main industry at present in the town Denis Mackenzie grew up in is the lumber industry with J.D. Irving being the major employer. Tourism also plays a large part in our economic development, providing our residents with full time and seasonal work along with giving us the opportunity to share our natural resources with visitors from around the world.

At the present time, they have a large parcel of land in a prime location dedicated as an Industrial Park. Incentives are available to those interested in starting a business in our village. If you would like to find out more about this opportunity in our beautiful riverside community, please drop us a line, call or email us. We welcome you to come and visit us to discuss the incentives. You will not be disappointed.

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Denis Mackenzie Trial -“CSG will continue to service all non-Canon customer machines in Brisbane and Maroochydore under the terms of the many thousands of service agreements we have in place,” Mackenzie said.In May, CSG announced its $31 million Canon agreement to service Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth with sub-contractor rights over 10,500 multifunction devices.